Elkhart Count Genealogical Society
Elkhart Count Genealogical Society
Elkhart County Coroner's Records - Index
1894 - 1969
This index has been created from the original database of the Elkhart County Coroner and covers the years from 1894 to 1969.
Coroner Records are critical to genealogical research as information contained in them may not appear elsewhere.  Some people may never own property or generate any other probate or death record. Coroner’s Inquests are considered to be confidential.  The coroner will only release information that his office has generated, such as a ruling on the cause of death and transcript of a hearing if there was one.  No secondary reports, such as police, hospital, and toxicology reports, will be released.
Anyone who wants to see the file of someone who was the subject of a coroner’s inquest must send a request to the coroner.  Identification and reason for the request must be included.
Requests should be mailed to the Coroner’s Office:
Elkhart County Coroner  (currently Merv Miller-2023)
26861 CR26
Elkhart, IN 46517
Phone # 574-891-2388
Key for manner of death:
      I                    Natural death
      II                  Accidental
      II MVA      Motor vehicle accident
      III                 Suicide
      IV                 Homicide
      V                   Undetermined